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It all started back in 2014 when two friends moved to Dublin. They soon found that renting a room that was both affordable and comfortable had become a real challenge for students and young professionals in Dublin. They had to sacrifice their level of comfort and often ended up paying way too much for the accommodation they were getting.

At the same time, there were a lot of homes in Dublin that had spare rooms available. But these landlords didn’t want to rent out their space without proper guidance or support.

We started working on an idea; fair rent and comfortable rooms for guests, professional support and guidance for hosts.

We primarily focused on helping students and started to connect with hosts all over Dublin who were willing to rent rooms out at a fair rent indexed on the current market prices. In return, the hosts each received individual support as we handled all the bookings for them. Hosting Power was born!

Since then, our team and our services have expanded.

Now we provide comfortable accommodation for both students and young professionals in Dublin, Cork and Galway. The rent for all our accommodation is fair, fixed and includes all bills and WiFi. We’ve also built an online booking system that is so easy to use, you can book the accommodation you want in Dublin, Cork or Galway, in a matter of minutes.

Our hosts are more supported than ever getting free listings and free professional support from our team. They also receive personalised documents for each booking, which includes a set of House Rules, a Rent Payment Schedule, and a Deposit Form so they can literally host like a pro.

We’re proud to be featured in the recommended accommodation section on the websites of the major Irish universities including DCU Dublin, UCC Cork, and NUI Galway. And if you catch a UCD Handball game you might notice that we are a proud sponsor of the team!

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