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vetted guest
Vetted Guests
We carry out full guest vetting for you, which includes verification of ID, payment checks and school or work verification.
Self Sufficient
Self Sufficient
Our busy students & Professionals are self-sufficient, so you don't need to cook or clean for them.
free service
Free Service
Our services are completely FREE of charge for hosts! You'll also qualify for the tax-free Rent a Room Relief Scheme.
Professional Support
Our team will always be there to support you. We'll also provide you with professional material, including House Rules and Deposit Forms.
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how it works
1 Fill in your contact details in the short application form. Your contact details are confidential and will not be used for anything outside of your application.
2 Then we will contact you and reply to all the questions you might have.
3 Next, we'll visit you at your home and take professional photographs of your house for free; or you can send us pictures you have taken yourself.
That's it! Soon, you'll be earning your first rent payment!
Frequently Asked Questions
Who are the guests I will be hosting?

With Hosting Power you will are guaranteed​ to only host ​busy and self-sufficient students or professionals. These guests study in a school, college, or university; or work in a company.

Do you verify the guests before booking?

Yes, we do a full guest verification for you which includes an ID and payment check.

In addition to that, we request information about their studies, internship, or work.  

How is the rent calculated?

All our rents are indexed on the current market prices, so you are guaranteed to pay a fair rent!

And don't forget, all your bills and WiFi are included and your rent is fixed so it can't be increased during your stay.

Do I need to provide breakfast or meals?

Not at all! Our guests are self-sufficient and so they will buy their own food and cook their own meals.

And don't worry, while using the kitchen your guests will need to respect the House Rules in place (that we will provide to you), such as leaving the kitchen clean immediately after use or respecting restricted cooking hours.

Is the guest allowed to bring a visitor to the house?

No. For the peace of mind and comfort of everyone, your guest won't be allowed to bring anyone to the house at any time during their stay at your home.

Please note that this policy is part of the House Rules we have created from feedback from hundreds of hosts which covers everyday situations while you are hosting.
You and your guest will receive a copy of these House Rules for each booking. 

Will I pay tax on the income I receive through the rent?

No, the great news is that the income you will make through the rent will be free of tax, provided this income does not exceed the limit of 14 000 euros in a tax year.

This tax relief is called the ‘rent-a-room relief scheme’ and works for rooms and self-contained units, such as a basement flat or a converted garage attached to your home.

To be valid, the occupants must book the room for at least one month, which is the case of all of our guests!

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