Booking Your Room​ with Hosting Power​
  • What services do you provide?

    Hosting Power is proud to provide comfortable​ private rooms in shared​ ​host homes​ to students​ relocating to Dublin as part of their studies.​ ​We know ​that finding a place can be stressful, so we​ found a way to make it ​​easy​ and secure. ​All our rooms have been inspected ​and ​we have met each host individually. ​All bills and WiFi are included in the rent​​.

    ​Our hosts are committed to providing you with a warm welcome​ and all pictures displayed on our website have been taken by a Hosting Power agent. 

  •  ​Who can apply for your rooms?

    We are fully committed to catering to students​ only​! ​Hosting Power provides rooms for international students relocating to Dublin​​​​ as part of ​​their​ 3rd Level/postgrad​ studies, ​such as an ​exchange program or ​internship/work placement​ and aged between 18 and 27 years old. 

  • What if I​ am coming ​​for an ​internship?

    As long as you are doing your ​internship/work placement as part of your 3rd Level studies or Postgrad studies, then yes, you can certainly ​apply for a room!

  • How can I apply to book a room?

    We made it really easy. All you need to do is select your arrival and departure dates on our home page. These dates should correspond to the full duration of your st​udies or work placement​​/internship​ in Dublin. Next, you click on 'Find a Room' to see all the rooms that are available. Once you find the room you like, click on 'Book Now' and follow the booking process. Easy! 

  • H​ow long can I book a room for?

    We accept all booking​s from students who book​ for the full duration of their ​studies or ​work placement in Dublin, ​u​p​ to one academic year. 

  • ​Will I ​get my own private room?

    You certainly will! As a busy student you need privacy to rest your head​ at night​, so with Hosting Power, we only provide fully private rooms.

  • Is breakfast or other meals provided?

    No, all our rooms are let on a self catering basis. You​ will ​buy your own food and you will have full access to the kitchen facilities and utensils to cook your own meals.

  • ​Is the house equipped with WiFi?

    Definitely. ​We know how important it is for students to have access to ​the internet​, so all our properties are equipped with ​a strong ​WiFi​ connection​.

  • Are the rooms equipped with a desk? 

    Some are, some aren't! If​ it is really important for you to have a desk, all you need to do is check the pictures and description on each listing​ and you will see it clearly mentioned if there is one​. 

  • ​Is the linen provided by the host?

    Yes, you won't need to buy any linen as each room is fully equipped with bed sheets, bed linen, duvet and pillows​. ​

  • ​​What rooms of the house will I have access to?

    In addition to your own private room, you will have access​ ​to, at a minimum, the bathroom and the kitchen. In most of the properties​,​ a living room and garden​ will be available too. To find out exactly what you have access to, please check the pictures and description available on each listing. 

  • Are the rooms rented on a 7 days a week basis?

    Definitely! All our rooms are available on a 7 days a week basis, so this includes week ends​.​

  • W​ill I be able to do my own laundry?

    ​Yes! The property will be equipped with a washing machine that you will be allowed to use for up to 2 loads per week.

  • What kind of beds are the rooms equipped with?

    As a good nights sleep is a vital part of anyones life, we ensure that all our rooms are equipped with a​ comfortable standard​ single or double​ bed​. ​For your comfort, we do not accept any other type of bed, such as sofa bed​ for example. ​

  • Can I view the room before I book?

    No, it is not possible to arrange viewings for every student at each property. This is why the Hosting Power Team has already inspected all listed accommodation and met every host for you. 

  • Can I change my accommodation?

    Yes, we understand you might want to change accommodation for personal convenience so our services include one free relocation. This means that each student has one free relocation that can be used, once, to switch to any other Hosting Power accommodation, during your stay, with no extra charge.

My Host and Booking Confirmation​
  • Wh​o are the host​(s)​ I will be sharing with​​? ​

    You will be sharing ​the property ​with your host(s), most​ of them being the landlord​s of the house. Each host has a different background but they​ all have one thing in common; being committed to providing​ you​ with a warm welcome. ​A ​​host ​description is provided on each listing, ​so ​​please have a look for more information​ about each host​!​

  • Wh​at kind of home environment should I expect​​? ​​

    You can expect a comfortable and quiet​ environment, ideal for your studies. ​Each property has been inspected by Hosting Power to make sure that they comply with our standards. Please​ note that some h​ost​s​ might have ​young children, or ​pets​ living in the house.​ ​To find out more you can ​​check the full description available on each listing. ​

  • Do you vet all your ​properties​?

    Yes we do! We inspect every property and meet each host in person. Also, all the pictures displayed on our website perfectly reflect reality as they all have been ​​taken by Hosting Power agent​s​.  

  • When will I get confirmation of my booking?

    We ​do our best to finalise every booking within 2 working days​ maximum​.​ You will also be continuously kept informed about what stage your booking is in as it proceeds.  ​ 

  • When can I contact my host?​​

    As soon as the booking is confirmed​ by the host​, you will receive the full contact details of your hosts​ so you can contact them immediately. 

  • Does the accommodation have house pets?

    Some of them do! If you are allergic to dogs or cats, please do carefully check the 'More Information' section on each listing. There, it will be clearly indicated if and what of kind of pet is living in the house.  ​

  • Can you help me if I ​have an issue with my host?​

    Sure​,​ we are available to answer any questions or to help you​ at any stage of your stay with your host​, so ​do not hesitate to contact us​. ​We will normally reply to you within one working day maximum. 

  • Can my booking request be refused by the host? 

    Yes it can. A host​​ might refuse your booking due to last minute ​unavailability of the room for example. However, you will be informed quickly so you can book another room. ​

  • Can I cancel my booking?

    Yes. If you cancel your booking before your host has accepted it, you are entitled to a free cancellation and 100% refund of the service fee.

    In addition to this, we have a really fair cancellation policy for confirmed bookings (please check the ​Rent​ and Fees​ section of the FAQ's for more information).

  • Do the hosts pick me up from the airport?

    ​It is not mandatory for your host to pick you up, but don't worry as all our properties are located close to efficient public transport (bus, train or tram). ​So ​you will​ be​ ​able to ​find your way to your host easily.

  • Is there anything else I should know?

    ​No. Everything will be already set up and the room ready for you. You will just be expected to pay the rent on time and to respect the fair houses rules set up by Hosting Power. You can find more information about this ​in the '​Rules and Conditions' section below.

​Rent​ and Fees​
  • How much is the rent I will pay?

    The rent is indicated on each listing​ on the right side of your screen​. With Hosting Power, you don't have to worry about rent increases as it can't be increased for the full duration of your stay. ​Please note that rents will ​​differ depending on the location, the type of room​ and the type​ ​of ​bathroom​. 

  • What does the rent cover?

    ​Pretty much everything​ is included​​! T​o be exact t​he rent includes your own private room, use of the kitchen and​ amenities​, bills​, ​WiFi​ and ​bed ​linen.​

  • How often should I pay the rent?

    The rent is paid on a weekly basis, upfront​ and directly to your host​. This means that ​you will pay ​the first rent ​to your host​​​​​​​ on the day of your arrival, and then every week the same day thereafter.

  • How will I pay the rent?

    The rent is paid directly to the host, most of the time in cash​. However, you can also arrange a weekly bank transfer​ with your host. 

  • Do I need to pay a deposit?

    Most of the hosts do​n't require a deposit, however some do​ require 1 or 2 weeks deposit maximum. Please check the section 'Booking Details' on each listing where ​it will be clearly indicated ​if a deposit is required or not. 

  • What is the service fee? 

    The service fee is ​a once-off fee​ ​​charged by Hosting Power which covers all of the services provided by Hosting Power from the time of your booking until the end of your stay. But don't worry, this fee won't be charged until your host accepts your booking request. ​

  • How much is the service fee?

    The service fee is calculated according to the duration of your studies in Dublin. To find out the exact amount, please select your exact arrival and departure dates from Dublin, then select the room of your choice and click on 'Book Now'. 

  • Do you charge me the service fee immediately?

    No we don't. We actually only charge the service ​fee ​when the host accepts your booking request and not before.​​ If the host declines your booking request, we will cancel your payment authorisation ​immediately with no charge deducted from your card.

  • What if the host decline​s​ my booking request?

    If the host declines ​your booking​ request​, we will inform you within the next 2 working days maximum and your payment authorisation ​will be automatically cancelled, ​​with no charge deducted from your card.​ You can then immediately request to book another room on our website. ​

  • Can ​I request another room​ if a host declines my booking​?

    Yes​ of course​! ​We will inform you straight away if your previous request has been declined, so you can request another room. 

  • Is my payment on your website secure?

    It couldn't be more secure, as we use Stripe as our payment provider. This is a highly secure payment method. Stripe only stores credit/debit card details on their server, not on ours. For more information please go to: www.stripe.com

  • Is the service fee refundable?

    In the unlikely event of a booking cancellation by a host or if a host breaches the terms and conditions​​, the service fee is immediately refunded to the student.

    In addition to this, we have a really fair cancellation policy that states that if you cancel within 48 hours of receiving your booking confirmation, you will be immediately refunded 75% of the service fee. Or, if you cancel your booking up to 2 weeks before your arrival, you will be immediately refunded 50% of your service fee.

Rules and Conditions
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