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Rent and Deposit
  • ​How much is the rent I will get?

    The rent is calculated according to your ​e​xact ​l​ocation​,​ the type of room​ you let (Single or a Double) and​ the bathroom​ arrangement (Shared Bathroom, Private Non Ensuite or Ensuite). For an exact price, please apply to become a host and get a free quote from one of our Property Managers.​

  • How will I be paid the rent?

    You ​will be paid directly by your student. ​Most of the hosts find it easier to be paid in cash, but you can also request to be paid by bank transfer.​ 

  • How often will I receive the rent?

    You will be paid on a weekly basis, upfront. Therefore you will get your first weekly rent on the day of the student's arrival, and then on the same day thereafter every week, until the student's departure.  ​

  • Will I pay tax on the income I receive through the rent?

    No, because we only place 3rd Level/​Postgrad students staying for their academic year or term. This means that you are renting your room out as a residential accommodation so any income earned will fall under the Rent a Room Relief Scheme, which is Tax Free.

  • What is the Rent A Room Relief Scheme?

    The Rent A Room Relief Scheme is a great scheme which allows you to rent out your room or any self contained unit attached to your house, tax free (up to 14000 euros per year). This relief applies to lettings used as residential accommodation meaning it applies to all of our students! For more information please check the following resource: https://www.revenue.ie/en/personal-tax-credits-reliefs-and-exemptions/land-and-property/rent-a-room-relief/index.aspx

  • What does the rent I will get cover?

    The rent covers the room you will provide to the student and the bills: electricity, gas and WiFi. 

  • Will I still receive the rent if my student is away on holidays?

    Yes. The rent is due for the entire duration of the time booked, this includes holidays such as Christmas, when they may decide to not stay in Ireland. 

  • Will I receive a deposit from the student?

    Yes, you will collect a deposit equivalent to 2 weeks rent on the student's arrival day. We have made it really easy for you, as students have already been fully informed that they have to pay a deposit. We will also provide you with a Deposit Form to facilitate the transaction.

  • Under what circumstances could I retain the deposit?

    All deposits must be refunded on your day of departure by your host. Hosts may only retain the deposit under the following circumstances:

    - If the student does not return the room clean and in the same condition as they found it on the day of their arrival

    - If the Student has caused any damage to the property.

    - If the student has failed to make any of the weekly rent payments.

    - If the student leaves before the end of their booking and has failed to pay the remaining days booked or the early departure fee.

Rules and Conditions
  • Can I contact Hosting Power by phone before I decide to host?

    ​Yes, if you are willing to become a host, we always start by scheduling a chat over the phone with one of our Property Managers. We will go through your application, and reply to all the questions you may have, so that you know everything you need to know before you decide to become a host.  

  • Will you visit my house before we work together?

    Yes, we will schedule an appointment at your home where you will have the opportunity to meet with one of our Property Managers. This will be a 20 to 30 minute meeting where we will visit with you in your home and take free professional pictures of your spare room and shared areas. 

  • ​Do I have to accept every booking once I start working with you?

    No, you can accept or decline a booking. Please note we will provide you with the full details of your student, including the exact date of their stay, before you accept any booking. 

  • Do I get to meet the student beforehand?

    No, as it is just impossible! The students are booking your room at least a few weeks in advance, before they are physically in Ireland.

  • ​Can you help me if I ​have an issue with my student?

    Yes, we are available to reply to any question you may have, and if necessary​ we can remind the rules to the student.​

  • Do you set up house rules for me?

    Yes we do set up a full set or rules, as we want the stay to be enjoyable for both the host and the student. The student is accepting those rules as they are booking. 

  • ​What are the rules the students need to respect to use of the kitchen?

    Your student will use your kitchen to cook their own meals​,​ but no cooking is allowed between after 10 pm until 7 am. You have also the possibility to restrict the kitchen access for one hour time frame ​maximum,​ for lunch and diner time. Your student will also clean after him/herself his own dishes each time he use​s​ the kitchen. 

  • What about the cleaning of the student's room?

    Your student​ is solely in charge to to keep his provided room clean and tidy​,​ at all time​. ​​

  • And the cleaning of the common rooms?

    You can​ ​request the student to participate to the cleaning of the shared room, as long as it is divided in a fair way between all the people living in the house. 

  • What about the student's laundry?

    Your students are responsible for washing their personal clothes, towels and linen using the washing machine. To ensure that your washing machine is used the most economic way, the student is limited to 2 loads per week and you are entitled to set up specific times and rules relating to the washing machine. Also, having a dryer or permitting the use of your dryer is not mandatory, all you need to do is to allocate a space and clothes horse so your student can dry their clothes.

  • ​​Is the student allowed to bring a guest to the house?

    No​. For your peace of mind and comfort, your student won't be allowed to bring anyone to the house at any time during their stay at your home.

  • Is there a low noise policy for students at night? 

    Yes. The student is expected to be really careful to not make noise at night, from 10 pm to 7 am. ​​​

  • Can I impose a curfew to my student?

    No, our students are mature student who can come and go as they need to. However, if they are excepted to be quiet as per the low noise policy from 10 pm.  ​

  • Can I do inspections of the student's room during his/her stay?

    Yes, you just need to give a 24 hours notice to warn your student that you want to inspect the room. 

  • Can I stop to host the student before the end of the booked period?

    ​​​If for ​an ​unforeseen reason​ ​you​ can't host the student until the end of the agreed period, you just need to give ​1​ week notice to the student​ and we will manage the cancellation for you with the student​. ​Please note that ​​in the unlikely event of misconduct from the student you can cease hosting immediately. ​

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