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  • Who are the students I will be hosting?

    With Hosting Power you are guarantee​d​ to only host students. Th​ese are ​busy students, ​all in higher education (from 3rd Level ​to ​Postgrad) who are in Dublin ​to complete a part of their studies​ and they are aged between 18 and 27 years old.

  • Where are your students​ from?

    ​Our international students come from all over the world, in addition to Irish students coming to ​study in ​Dublin from other provinces of the country. 

  • Do I need to look after the students?

    Not really​. Our students are mature​,​ fully self sufficient​ and fluent in English​, ​you just need to make them feel welcome!

  • Do your students ​all ​speak English?

    Yes, a​s a​ll our ​students​ are involved ​in ​​higher education program​s,​ these ​studies ​require that the students ​be fully ​proficient in ​English. 

  • Do you vet the students?

    Yes we do! ​​We always do ​a​​ passport check, ​a ​debit/credit check ​in addition to verifying their studies in Dublin. 

  • How long will the students​ stay at my home for?

    Our students ​book for the full duration of their stay in Dublin, which is​ usually either 4​ months (one academic semester) or ​8​ months (two academic semesters). ​Please note that you will always be informed about the exact duration of their stay before you accept any booking.  ​

  • How old are your students?

    Our students are aged between 18 and 29 years old. 

  • Are the students away from t​he​ house during the ​day​?

    Yes. Our students are busy with their studies ​or​ work placement, and tend to have office working ​hours as their schedule from ​​Monday to Friday. 

  • Can I choose the gender of my students?

    Yes, if you are more comfortable with a specific gender it is possible to set up to your listing accordingly.  ​

  • Do I need to pick up the students from the airport? 

    No! You are not required to pick them up, our students are used to travelling and will have no problem to make their own way to your home. ​

  • How much will you charge me for your services?

    ​Easy answer: nothing! We are the only 100% FREE agency ​for hosts ​in Dublin​. ​​

  • ​How much is the rent I will get?

    The rent is calculated according to your ​e​xact ​l​ocation​,​ the type of room​ you let (Single or a Double) and​ the bathroom​ arrangement (Shared Bathroom, Private Non Ensuite or Ensuite). For an exact price, please apply to become a host and get a free quote from one of our Property Managers.​

  • Will I pay tax on the income generated by the rent?

    Great news, the profile of our students ensures that you fall under the rent a room relief scheme, which means it is Tax Free. 

  • What does the rent I will get cover?

    The rent covers the room you will provide to the student and the bills: electricity, gas and WiFi. 

  • How often will I receive the rent?

    You will be paid on a weekly basis, upfront. Therefore you will get your first weekly rent on the day of the student's arrival, and then on the same day thereafter every week, until the student's departure.  ​

  • How will I be paid the rent?

    You ​will be paid directly by your student. ​Most of the hosts find it easier to be paid in cash, but you can also request to be paid by bank transfer.​ 

  • Will I still receive the rent if my student is away on holidays?

    Yes. The rent is due for the entire duration of the time booked, this includes holidays such as Christmas, when they may decide to not stay in Dublin. 

  • Can I request a deposit?

    Yes, you can decide to request a 1 week or 2 weeks deposit. You will collect this deposit directly from the student on the day of their arrival. ​

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