Terms and Conditions

This agreement between Hosting Power Ltd and a student sets out the rights and obligations of the Guest to be hosted by a host in Ireland. All the terms of this agreement are legally binding so please read them through carefully.  

The student has the full and private use of his/her room, and use of all shared rooms, as designated by the landlord, which at the very least should include the main bathroom (if the room doesn't come with a private bathroom) and the kitchen.

Hosting Power Ltd will strive to find the most suitable Host for the student's stay according to the location and general safety. Hosting Power Ltd cannot guarantee to fulfil all the expectations of each and every student. Hosting Power Ltd guarantees that all the hosts have been met face to face by a Hosting Power Ltd member. The home and the living space where the student will live have been checked and approved.

Hosting Power Ltd find the student a host that:

- Is willing to willing to welcome and host students from all over the world.

- Have a clean house with a safe and comfortable atmosphere.

- Offer a bedroom based on a private occupancy on par with current Irish standards.

- Have clean bathroom facilities with easy access and hot water for showers.

- Offer a house in a safe area, within walking distance to shops and to public transport.  


The student will pay a single service fee to Hosting Power Ltd and a weekly rental fee to the host. 

Service fee: The service fee is a once-off fee charged at the time of booking. It covers all the services provided by Hosting Power, including the personal and thorough inspection of each individual property, and the assistance in any questions regarding your accommodation from the time of booking until the end of your stay. The service fee is calculated according to the duration of your studies in Dublin. To find out the exact amount, please select your exact arrival and departure dates from Dublin, then select the room of your choice and click on 'Book Now'.

For your security, we accept only debit/credit card payment. All tax is included. In the unlikely event of cancellation by the host, the service fee is immediately and fully refunded to the student. In addition to this, Hosting Power Ltd applies a really fair cancellation policy that states that if the student cancels their booking before the host has accepted it, the student is entitled to a free cancellation and 100% refund of the service fee. Furthermore, if the student cancels within 48 hours of receiving the booking confirmation, they will be immediately refunded 75% of the service fee. And finally, if the student cancels the booking up to 2 weeks before their arrival, the student will be immediately refunded 50% of the service fee.

Rental fee : The Student will pay their rent on a weekly basis directly to the host. The amount of the rental fee vary according to the host and placement location and will be clearly indicated to the student before the booking. The payment for the first week stay with the host must be paid upfront by the students on their arrival day. Each payment will be made on a weekly basis, on the same day of the week that the student arrived in the host until the end of the placement. The method of payment is be discussed between the host and the student (either cash or bank transfer).  


Hosting Power provides accommodation for students, who are booking accommodation for the entire duration of their academic program in Dublin. This academic program must be of a minimum duration of eight weeks. Students staying more than one year need to book a maximum of one full year from their check in date, as per the maximum length of booking authorised.    


The host can request a deposit to the value of either 1 or 2 weeks of rent. If the host does require a deposit, it will be clearly indicated on each listing. The deposit must be collected on the day of the students arrival by the host, and the host is fully responsible for collecting it. The deposit must be refunded by the host directly to the student, at the very latest, on the day of the students departure.

All Deposits must be refunded. Hosts may only retain the deposit under the circumstances below; 

- If the student terminates the lease prior to end of the duration booked AND does not give 7 days notice (Deposit retained not to exceed the amount of rent due) 

- Nonpayment of rent

- Damage to the property, other than normal wear and tear of the property

- Excessive cleaning costs of the room, other than cleaning due to normal wear and tear

The student agrees to:

- Inform the host of their arrival time

- Inform the host about their schedule if it affects the host.

- Respect and adapt to the host's house rules about the bathroom, kitchen, internet, sitting room, TV and personal belongings.

- Keep the house and bedroom clean and tidy. The students are responsible for washing their personal clothes, towels, linen and for washing up their dishes after use. The cleaning rules are to be discussed with the host.

- Respect the laundry rules as regards the days and times for when this service is available.

- Share in the regular household chores with the host if applicable. All the tasks are to be discussed with the host as regards the best implementation.

- Not use the landline unless given permission by the host.

- Inform the host in advance if they are going to be gone travelling for two or more consecutive days.

- Inform the host of any known medical conditions, allergies, necessary medications or emergency procedures that must be followed in case of a medical crisis.

- Not abuse drugs that are strictly prohibited by Irish law.

- Assume all responsibility for any house damage.

- Behave in an appropriate manner at all times.

- Having visitors during the day is permitted only with your host’s consent. Overnight guests are not allowed.  

Products: All the cleaning or food products that the students use for their own needs (i.e.: washing powder or cooking oil) must be bought by the students themselves. It is not permitted to use any products that do not belong to them. 

Pets: Some of the hosts live with a pet, usually a cat or a dog, that are considered to be a part of the host. Hosting Power will not place an allergic student in a host family with pets.  

Host Environment: Every Host is unique, has a different story and a different background. They may be  with or without children, a single mother or father, a single person living on their own, of a different marital status, working or retired. Hosting Power hosts represent an insight into the local culture and the growing diversity of Ireland. Each guest must make an effort to respect and understand these differences.

In the event of a Student not satisfied with the placement: 

- The student must contact Hosting Power Ltd and explain the situation at hand.

- Give the host at least 7 days notice and pay the amount for the 7 days rent upfront.

- If the host shows that the student is not making an effort to fit into the host and does not follow the general rules, engages in illegal activities, is rude and/or impolite, then Hosting Power may decide to terminate the placement with no refund of the placement fee. 

- If the host is not striving to maintain the standards as set by Hosting Power Ltd, then the student will be placed in a new host family without any administration fee.  

Removal: Hosting Power Ltd will remove any student who is showing dangerous, illegal, inappropriate or unsuitable behaviour.