Guest Stories
Juliette's Story

Juliette is a French student who came to Dublin to complete her Masters. In Dublin, she found a home away from home with her host Helen. She met new friends in Ireland and even joined a Gaelic football team! Most impressively, Juliette then found a job and decided to stay in Dublin, permanently.

Juliette completed a Masters in Translation at Dublin City University.

Sonakshi's Story

Sonakshi, a pharmacy student from India, traveled for the first time alone. She tells us her experience living in Ireland, she walked the Bray cliff walk; visited Belfast and even got some private swimming lessons! Above all else, she is grateful for the conversations with her host.

Sonakshi spent 7 months interning at Trinity College Dublin.

Diana's Story

Before moving to Ireland Diana, a 24 year old student from Brazil, was worried about having to share her room with other people. That's why she was so relieved when she found the perfect private accommodation! Diana is really happy with her host family too, and staying in Ireland during Covid-19 made her appreciate having that extra support even more!

Diana is attending the Atlantic Language School in Dublin.

Rosemary's Story

Rosemary is a student from New Zealand. In this video, she tells us about her experience being in Dublin, Ireland for the first time, discovering Irish culture, and even managing to learn a bit of the Gaelic language, all while her visit took place during lockdown due to Covid-19

Rosemary spent 7 months interning at Trinity College Dublin.

Yuna's Story

Yuna is a French student who found her accommodation in Dublin, Ireland through Hosting Power. She had a great connection with her host. Watch as Yuna shares how she really felt at home in her Hosting Power student accommodation.

Yuna is a biology and health engineering student. She spent three months interning at the Teagasc food research centre in Dublin, Ireland.

Kevin's Story

Kevin had to pay a lot for his accommodation in Ireland during his first semester. Then, he found Hosting Power! His college recommended the service to him and he was able to find an incredible host and more affordable student accommodation in Dublin. Watch as Kevin details his personal experience booking a room with Hosting Power, not once, but twice!

Kevin spent two semesters studying medicine in the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland.

Mark's Story

When Mark secured his internship in Dublin he wondered; "How could I possibly afford to live in Dublin? Hosting Power!". Watch as Mark explains how he was able to find affordable accommodation in Dublin, Ireland in only half an hour!

Mark spent 6 months interning in Dublin, Ireland, doing an Internship at the National Assess Management Authority.

Diana's Story

Finding accommodation in Ireland can be...stressful. But not for Diana! In this video Diana tells us how she used Hosting Power to find her the ideal accommodation for her time as a student interning in Dublin, Ireland.

Diana spent five months interning at The European Parliament in Dublin, Ireland.