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In this article in the Irish Independent, one of our hosts, Laura Farrington is interviewed by journalist Tanya Sweeney. Laura explains that after trying other hosting options, Hosting Power was recommended to her by a friend of a friend and it proved to be exactly what she was looking for!

Since then she has been delighted to host independent students and confirms that those students are really pleased with the arrangement too!

~ The Irish Independent

In her blog post, Ferna, a 22 year old student from the Philippines, tells us about her experience trying to find accommodation for her stay in Dublin. After some unsuccessful attempts with other websites, she felt she hit the jackpot when she found the website.

She was delighted with her booking and says that things were pretty much how she expected them to be! She mentions Hosting Power was the perfect solution for her accommodation troubles, we are delighted to receive such lovely feedback!

~ Personal Blog

Anita Guidera talks to landlords willing to make the best use of their properties. She starts with the example of Micheal, a sheep farmer who has rented his farms in the Wicklow area to shoot countless movies and commercials! For Liam, from Dublin, it's all about renting his parking space.

Then Anita explains that renting a room to students is a popular option and she recommended Hosting Power. We couldn't agree more!

~ The Irish Independent

Journalist Tanya Sweeney reminds us how digs (host families) is an Irish institution and is back as a very popular accommodation option.

In this article, she interviews our host Lisa Cronin about her experience renting her spare room to students in order to finance her aspiration of a new career as a fashion designer. Lisa is delighted to work with Hosting Power and so we are!

~ The Irish Times

Powell, Trinity College Student Ambassador happily shares his tips from his experience in Ireland as an international student from India. His tips range from what to pack in your bag or which mobile network to choose.

For the accommodation, Powel recommends Hosting Power as a good option and mentions we have "very good listings and prices are affordable". We are happy to confirm that our rental prices are indexed on the Irish rental market price to ensure they are fair and affordable!

~ Education In Ireland

(In German) In her blog, Carla, a student from the University of Munster in Germany talks about her 6 months experience in Galway, as she was interning at the Chemistry Laboratory of NUIG.

She booked a room with Hosting Power and was happy to live with her lovely host! She also shared the house with an American student who was renting the other room and with the owner's cute dog! Carla recommends Hosting Power to all Erasmus students who want to study in Ireland.

~ Hinterm Horizont

In this article from the Irish Times, journalist Fiona Reddan talks about the announcement from the Revenue Commissioners that Airbnb hosts will pay tax on the rental income.

But for hosts using Hosting Power, the rental income falls under the Rent a Room Relief scheme and so it is tax free and Fiona kindly mentioned us! Since this article was written, the earning limit of this scheme has been increased from €12000 to €14000 a year.

~ The Irish Times

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